This article provides an overview and summary of the COBIT 5 domain Management – Plan (Align, Plan, Organise).

The Align, Plan and Organisation domain covers the use of information & technology and how best it can be used in a company to help achieve the company’s goals and objectives. It also highlights the organisational and infrastructural form IT is to take in order to achieve the optimal results and to generate the most benefits from the use of IT.

The following lists the high-level IT processes for the APO domain.

  1. Manage the IT Management Framework.
  2. Manage Strategy.
  3. Manage Enterprise Architecture.
  4. Manage Innovation.
  5. Manage Portfolio.
  6. Manage Budget and Costs.
  7. Manage Human Relations.
  8. Manage Relationships.
  9. Manage Service Agreements.
  10. Manage Suppliers.
  11. Manage Quality.
  12. Manage Risk.
  13. Manage Security.

These processes are further supported by sub processes and activities.

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