This article provides an overview and summary of the COBIT 5 process Manage Strategy, which is part of the Management – Plan (Align, Plan and Organise) domain.

The purpose of this COBIT 5 process is to provide a holistic view of the current and future organisation and IT environment and direction. This includes alignment of strategic IT plans with organisation objectives and communicating the objectives and IT organisation plans so they are understood by all the stakeholders.

The following sub-governance processes are further supported by a list of control activities:

  1. Understand enterprise direction. Consider the current strategy, internal environment and processes, and the external environment (industry drivers, regulations, competition).
  2. Assess the current environment, capabilities and performance. Assess the internal organisation and IT capabilities and external IT services, and develop an understanding of the enterprise architecture in relation to IT.
  3. Define the target IT capabilities. Define the target organisation and IT capabilities and required IT services.
  4. Conduct a gap analysis. Identify the gaps between the current and target environments and consider the alignment of assets with organisation outcomes.
  5. Define the strategic plan and road map. Create a strategic IT plan that defines, in co-operation with relevant stakeholders, how IT goals will contribute to the organisation strategic goals.
  6. Communicate the IT strategy and direction. Implements a communication strategy to build awareness and understanding of the organisation and IT objectives and direction.

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