This article provides an overview and summary of the COBIT 5 process Manage Organisational change Enablement, which is part of the Management – build (Build, Acquire, Implement) domain.

The purpose of this COBIT 5 process is to ensure successful implementation of organisational change quickly and with reduced risks – covering stakeholders in the organisation and IT. The goal is to prepare and manage resources for organisation change and reduce the risk of failure.

The following sub-governance processes are further supported by a list of control activities:

  1. Establish the desire to change. Understand the scope and impact of the change and stakeholder readiness/willingness to change.
  2. Form an effective implementation team. Establish an effective implementation team with common goals.
  3. Communicate desired vision. Effectively communicate the desired vision for the change to all stakeholders.
  4. Empower role players and identify short-term wins. Empower those with implementation roles by ensuring that responsibilities and accountabilities are assigned.
  5. Enable operation and use. Plan and implement all technical, operational and usage aspects.
  6. Embed new approaches. Embed the new approaches by tracking implemented changes, assessing the effectiveness of the operations.
  7. Sustain changes. Sustain changes through effective training of new staff, ongoing monitoring, communication, and  leadership commitment.

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