This article provides an overview of the ITIL process Release and Deployment Management.

Release and deployment covers the build, test and deliver processes within Service Transition. It ensures that the deployed change is as designed and meets requirements. This results in cost effective, efficient and low risk change. Successful release and deployment management will also increase customer satisfaction through reduced disruption, and provide economies of scale through consistent processes.
Further concepts include identifying groups of releases to deploy as a unit in schedules. There are also considerations on the type of organisation and methodology such has how often and quickly a change can be moved into the live environment.
Further information is available on subjects such as:
a) Release and deployment models.
b) Release and deployment tools.
c) How to test / pilots.
d) Early life support.
This is an in-depth area of increased importance. Speed to market has become a differentiator and the options for Agile sprints or waterfall ‘big bang vs phased’, this a subject that needs to be flexible and efficient.
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