This article provides an overview of the ITIL event management process.

Event Management is the process of detecting events that may affect service levels and perform the appropriate action for the event. Typical events will look at areas such as capacity (a server is 85% full), or performance (CPU at 90%). They can also be as simple as whether an application is available or not, and therefore the process has close links with incident management.

Further information is available on subjects such as:

  1. Monitoring tools,
  2. Event models,
  3. Process maps,
  4. Automated responses,
  5. Event detection,
  6. Event filtering,
  7. Metrics.

A good event management process will automatically respond to events or alert the correct people efficiently and quickly. Ensuring these principles are in place means that people are not alerted when the systems are performing within acceptable limits, and provides real value.

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