15.09.17  |  News  |  by Morland Austin

Things are kicking off after the summer holidays

As with every year there is a bit of a lull of the summer as people take holidays and recharge their batteries, then once we hit September things start to get going again.

We have an influx of great projects that we are helping people with:

  1.  We are continuing to help a local MAT to implement its strategic plan, firstly through the building of a management governance layer then through delivery of the key objectives.
  2. We are helping a local restaurant chain with its plan to expand to 20 restaurants over the next 5 years.
  3.  We are helping an international university with its key IT strategies  –  implementing Shared Services, an ERP system and CRM.
  4.  We are also evaluating the use of the Xero accounting software platform for a local accounting practice.


We’ll keep providing updates and key learnings from these programmes as we go through the year.